Dr. D.R. Foster PE

Welding Engineer


We have welding experts to aid in your litigation needs.


Principal Welding Engineer: Dr. D.R. Foster


Dr. Foster focuses on the design, manufacture, testing, and safety associated with welded structures. In addition to Dr. Foster’s significant experience in the field of welding engineering in academia and in industry,

Dr. Foster possesses a PhD in Welding Engineering and numerous certifications in welding, inspection, and engineering. Expert Welding's Principal Engineer is exceptionally prepared to properly analyze welding failures, welding designs and welding procedures that are the subject of litigation.


Welding Expert Witness Specialties: 

  • Welding Expert Witness Testimony

  • Welding Engineering

  • Welding Failure Analysis

  • Welding Corrosion

  • Welding Safety

  • Welding Design

  • Weld Inspection

  • Welding Metallurgy

  • Additive Manufacturing


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